Tuesday, January 12, 2010

vi) Drinks:Old Dhaka’s food is not famous for its traditional foods only but also for its delicious Drinks. Many famous drinks of Mughal and Sultani period are still available in Old Dhaka. Borhani, Labang, Faluda, etc are some of them. Here is a small description of those drinks.
Borhani: Borhani is a special drink that is made by different spices. It is very ancient drink that is still famous among the people of Old Dhaka. The main element of this drink is Tok Doi. The maker also use jira, fried chilies, salt, gol morich, sorisha guro, ginger, chilies pest, bit salt, sugar, leaves pudina etc. It is very common drink that is used to serve in any party in Old Dhaka especially in marriage ceremony. It is also available in most of the hotels in Old Dhaka. A single bottle of Borhani will be available at just 25 to 70tk.

Grill Chicken: It is very taste, delicious, mouth watering, spicy… above all my favorite food item. Old Dhaka is very famous for Grill Chicken. It is the most famous food that is made by chicken. The cooker use Chicken, papaw pest, ginger pest, chilies pest, oil, beson, tasting salt, cheese, butter, and many other spices to cook this delicious food. Its smell is very attractive. It tastes very spicy. There are many famous restaurants and hotels in Chackbazar are sell this taste food like Royal, Grill House, Kabab Ghor, Pafin mini restaurant etc. A single piece of Grill Chicken will cost about 30 to 120tk. I used to eat this food whenever I get any chance to go Chackbazar.

Khasir Chap: Khasir Chap is another type of traditional food of Old Dhaka. It is very much famous among the people of Old Dhaka. Local people called this food Khasir Rejala. In local language ‘Goat’ is called ‘Khasi”. The main ingredient of this food is the meat of goat that’s why people named it Khasir Chap. As I have already said meat of goat is the main ingredient of this food, other elements that this food contains are Onion pest, ginger pest, tok doi, ghee, sugar, salt, milk, flavor, and food color.

Chicken Rost: Chicken rost is very taste food that is made by chicken. Basically it is similar to fried chicken. This food item fulfills the dishes at any party of Old Dhaka. It is usually served with Polau. The cooker use chicken, pieces of onion, oil, doi, ginger pest, gol morich, pesto dana, joitri, salt, salt, lemon etc. Lemon is used to increase its flavor. In local restaurant Chicken Rost will be available in just 25 to 80tk.

v) Different food items of meat: This food category is for those people who are non-vegetarian and loves to eat fried or grill meat. Huge amount of mouth watering delicious food items are available in Old Dhaka. Among them Grill Chicken, Chicken Rost, Khasir Chap, Kurma, Shahi Rejala, Tandoori Morug, Mughrai Chicken, etc. are much famous.
Kurma: Kurma is the most common food item in this category. It is one type of famous cooked meat that is highly available in everywhere in Old Dhaka. Cooking Kurma during Eid-ul-Azha becomes a tradition in Old Dhaka. Some of the ingredients that Kurma contains are small pieces of meats, Ghee, ginger pest, elachi, coconut pest, badam pest, oil, potatoes, etc. Kurma is often eaten with Polau. In Old Dhaka this delicious food is available in any small hotel or restaurant.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Murog Polau: Murog Polau is one of the traditional food items of Old Dhaka. It is the most famous food in the section of Polau. People of Old Dhaka used to cook this Polau in any party especially in marriage ceremony. It is similar to Polau but the main difference is that the cooker mixed pieces of cooked Chicken in that polau. As people use Murog (Chicken) to make this Polau local people called this Murog Polau. The cooker use Polau Chal (rice), Murog (Chicken), Ghee, Onion pest, Ginger pest, Jaifol, Jotri, Dar-chini, Alachi, Doi, Lemon , Milk, Jafran, Pesta Badam, Food color etc to make Murog Polau. Cooker use a huge amount of spices to give it different flavor. As a result it spread a sweet smell. In any restaurant of Old Dhaka a bowl of Murog Polau is available in just 250 to 750tk.

Katchi Biriani: Katchi Biriani is one of the spicy Biriani that is highly popular in Old Dhaka. Old Dhaka’s Katchi Biriani is famous in all over the country. The cooker of Katchi Biriani use huge amount of spices to cook this biriani. That’s why this in called one of the spicy biriani. Some of the ingredients that the cooker used to make this delicious food are meat of goat, polau rice, ghee, potatoes, onion, ginger pest, roshun pest, alachi, darchini, lobongo, jaifol, joytri, jira, chilies, golapjol, alobokhara, oil and salt. Golabjol is used to increase the smell of this Biriani. Most taste Katchi Biriani is found in Chackbazar, and Najirabazar side of Old Dhaka.